"The course was the best I’ve been on - I will certainly take away everything I’ve learnt today - Thank you" — Course participant, European Patent Office

We design and deliver training workshops on a range of topics and tailor all course content to suit your needs. Programmes can be delivered to small or large groups and can vary in length. Typically we deliver workshops that last half a day, one day or two days.

The programmes outlined below are just three areas in which we specialise

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Communication stems from the word 'communion' and is about ‘sharing’. What can we share with the other person that will enrich the experience they have with us? We examine the use of content, voice and body and the impact we have when giving and receiving information. We look at what makes for good and bad communication between individuals both face-to-face and on the phone. We explore the cost of getting it wrong…and what happens when we get it right! 

What you take away: a greater understanding of what makes for good communication and a heightened awareness of your own personal communication style and how to modify your style to get the best results in a variety of formal and informal situations.

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We look at what makes a Presentation 'stick'. Why are some memorable and others forgotten by the time you've left the room. With a wealth of experience with different organisations we can help you tailor your content to suit your audience and deliver that content with impact and energy. We look at powerpoint and what makes slides memorable and just as importantly what to avoid. We look at how best to get your content across to your audience. Why do they need to know what you have to say? Having established content and given you a clear 'roadmap' on structure we then work with you on delivery. Not to make you something you're not but to enure you will be the best presenter you can be when you stand up in front of your audience.

What you take away: Easy-to-apply tools that will give you greater confidence and ability as a presenter. 

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The workshops provide a range of activities to test and broaden the participants' understanding of Customer Service and how to handle difficult situations. 

What you take away: 

  • An understanding of what makes for good customer service
  • How to handle a difficult customer or situation
  • Improved questioning and listening skills
  • A raised awareness of the use of empathy and understanding
  • Building on shared 'best practice'. A shared learning experience.
  • Promoting confidence of individuals/team to implement learning.

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Additional workshops include Influencing, Assertiveness, Conflict Management, Negotiation, Pitching and Sales.


We've worked extensively over the years with the NHS delivering Communication Skills workshops to frontline staff to help them improve the Patient Experience... 

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”I will not hesitate to recommend this course to anyone. This is a rare treat. Gave me confidence in a wide range of encounters between patients and relatives.”

— Course participant. The Christie NHS Trust

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