COMMUNICATING WITH CONFIDENCE – How to improve your impact & presence

AIM: To provide participants with the confidence to communicate more effectively

By the end of the course participants will:

  • Develop a wider range of skills to communicate with colleagues, clients and stakeholders.
  • Recognise the importance of voice and body in communication.
  • Learn professional actors’ techniques to modify and amplify their impact and presence.
  • Have the tools to mismatch or connect with clients and colleagues, and be able to modify their status according to the situation
  • Have greater awareness of their strengths and weaknesses in the way they communicate with an action plan for further development.                                         

Samples of Content

  • The ingredients for good communication
  • Mehrabian – Finding congruence between content, body and voice
  • The Trust Matrix – Competence & Warmth 
  • Exploring neutrality and body language
  • Status from 1-10. A flexible tool that we can modify depending on the other person and expectations of your role
  • The power of voice and finding our authentic voice
  • Circles of Presence
  • Creating a professional presence
  • Using story to engage your colleagues and peers
  • Flexing style – tailoring your content to suit your audience and different personality styles
  • Questioning and Listening Skills
  • Handling objections and difficult conversations
  • Skills Practice

TIME: 0.5, 1 or 2 days

ATTENDEES: 6 - 12.

RESOURCES: 1-2 facilitators depending on number of days.

One-to-one coaching sessions also available

A very well presented course. I looking forward to putting into practice what I’ve learnt.
— Participant, European Patent Office