COMMUNICATING WITH CONFIDENCE – How to improve your impact & presence


  • We all have an impact. The key question is whether you are having the impact you would like
  • Why do some people have a memorable presence and how can we emulate them.
  • Have the tools to connect with your clients and colleagues, and be able to modify your status according to the situation.
  • Learn professional actors’ techniques to modify and amplify your presence.
  • Understand, through exercises and feedback, the ingredients of your own personal impact
  • Learn to modify your style to get the best results in a variety of formal and informal communication situations.

What is presence?

  • Analysis of people with presence
  • Presence = Mismatching & connection
  • 3 Circles of presence
  • Increasing the impact of your words, body language and voice

Creating your professional presence

  • Creating your professional presence
  • When do you require presence
  • ctors techniques to improve your impact & presence – breathing, body language, status, intention

SDI (Strength Development Inventory)

  • Exploring personal communication styles in good and conflict interactions.
  • Positive communication model.

Practice your presence & communication skills

  • Bespoke role-plays with professional actors
  • Feedback from actors and peers
  • Action planning
A very well presented course. I looking forward to putting into practice what I’ve learnt.
— Participant, European Patent Office