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PRESENTATION SKILLS (a programme example)

AIM: To provide participants with new skills and the confidence to present more effectively to colleagues.

The workshop is a combination of theory and practice, providing participants with ideas and techniques on how to create and deliver more effective presentations.

By the end of the course participants will:

  • Learn how to tackle nerves and build self-confidence.
  • Have a greater awareness of their own personal impact and how they come across to others.
  • Recognise the importance of voice and body when making presentations. The best presenters are good communicators.
  • Learn professional actors’ techniques to modify and amplify their impact and presence and have the tools to connect with the audience and keep everyone engaged.
  • Have greater awareness of their strengths and weaknesses in the way they present with an action plan for further development.  
  • Learn how to handle difficult questions and difficult audiences.
  • Have learnt how to make their presentations more visually engaging without diluting the message.                                 

Samples of Content

Shared Experience – Participants share views and experiences of Presenting

  • Experiences of good (and bad) presenting – what works?
  • How do we feel about presenting – what do we do well? What’s holding us back?
  • What makes a good presenter?

Principles of effective presentations –

  • How to make your presentations memorable.
  • How to make our presentations more engaging. Visuals and audiovisuals.

Personal Impact – Raising self-awareness and creating the right impression

  • Mehrabian – the importance of congruence between content, body and voice.
  • How personal impact makes a difference – exploring neutrality and body language.
  • The Six P’s of Voice – learning to speak with confidence. Exercises and tips on how to improve our vocal delivery.
  • Building trust with our audience – the Trust Matrix (competence & warmth)

Skills practice – putting it all together

  • Each Participant delivers a prepared presentation to the group.
  • Feedback – all participants are given individual constructive feedback on their communication and presentation style and how to present more effectively.

TIME: 1 or 2 days. ATTENDEES: 6 - 12. RESOURCES: 1 - 2 facilitators.

One-to-one coaching sessions also available

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