Customer Service Training

Our approach:
Our approach is interactive. Activation use an experienced trainer/facilitator and professional actors to deliver a programme that will achieve your learning objectives. By using forum theatre we engage participants on a level that goes beyond normal training delivery by encouraging participants to interact and discover for themselves new ways of dealing with their customers.

Style of the day:

  • Structured, interactive and engaging. 
  • A variety of approaches to promote involvement from all staff, as well as the opportunity for staff to share experience and perspectives.
  • Various activities will allow for a range of individual contributions from all participants.

Features of the day:
Activities to test and broaden the participants’ understanding of customer care and handling difficult customer situations. We will look at:

  • What makes for good and bad communication?
  • How do we communicate – content/voice/body language (clarity of message)
  • Costs of getting it wrong
  • What’s my customer’s experience? - Stepping into their shoes
  • Delivery and customer expectations
  • Dealing with difficult situations – diplomacy, empathy and support
  • Questioning and listening skills
  • Exploring personal communication styles in good and conflict interactions.
  • Positive communication model.

Actors play out scripted scenarios looking at good and bad practice. Participants engage in hot-seating of characters and forum theatre.
Practical Application. Participants role-play bespoke interactions with actors. 

Outcomes of the day:

  • An understanding of what makes for good customer service
  • How to handle a difficult customer or situation
  • Improved questioning and listening skills
  • A raised awareness of the use of empathy and understanding
  • Building on shared 'best practice'. A shared learning experience.
  • Promoting confidence of individuals/team to implement learning.
”I will not hesitate to recommend this course to anyone. This is a rare treat. Gave me confidence in a wide range of encounters between patients and relatives.”
— Course participant. The Christie NHS Trust