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Paul Gilmore

Paul formed Activation in 2001 and has designed and delivered numerous training programmes for a wide range of clients and training needs. He strongly believes that training which utilises and incorporates skills practice is the most effective way to bring about sustainable change. Paul specialises in Communication and Presentation Skills training to individuals and groups. Over the years he’s been proud to work with a number of public and private sector clients helping them become 'the best they can be'. Paul has also written, directed and produced a number of training films and corporate videos.



Jane is an experienced facilitator, trainer, and coach.  Jane likes getting the best out of people, and helping them to get the best out of others.  She knows it’s been a good workshop when she sees people going away excited by what they have learned, and excited about what they can be.  She specialises in working with people who have customers (internal or external) they need to build relationships with.  Jane is licensed to facilitate the Strength Deployment Inventory, which helps people understand what motivates their behaviour, communicate at their best, and to build rewarding relationships with others.

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Danny is an experienced actor who has worked in rep, tours, fringe & festivals. He has also, in parallel had a busy career as a role player and facilitator, and has an extensive knowledge in role play, forum theatre and bespoke or real play. His warm, friendly professional approach enables participants to to engage fully with the learning process and his knowledge of easy to apply communication tools and techniques provides participants with the skills required to deliver difficult messages with confidence. Danny is also busy writing and producing his own work for the stage.




Lucy studied at the Drama Studio London, and has worked on Stage and TV. Lucy’s extensive corporate experience includes role-play, forum theatre, facilitation and coaching. Her approachable and engaging attitude brings out the best in people. She combines a sound knowledge of Communication Skills techniques with the ability to draw out the best from people. She creates a warm friendly environment in which participants are allowed to express themselves freely. Lucy had worked on numerous training programmes over the last 15 years for Activation. Recent work includes running half-day bespoke role-play sessions for senior managers and the delivery of Customer Service workshops for London NHS frontline staff.