Pre-production - We understand that preparation is key. A major part of the pre-production process is determining learning outcomes and key learning points. We will discuss these in detail and once determined and agreed we will look at story and content options. Once we have a storyline in place we set about drafting a script. This initial draft is then shared with key stakeholders and then redrafted until agreement on story and content is reached. A shooting script is then finalised and signed off. Once we have the shooting script we set about casting, if actors are required, and putting an experienced crew in place. We have access to a wide range of very experienced actors and production crews. Suitable locations either on or off site are decided upon and finally a shooting schedule is drawn up and shared with cast, crew and stakeholders.

Production – The filming involves cast, crew and client, if requested. Script content will determine the number of production days and resources required. We aim to keep production days to a minimum and make best use of the time and resources at our disposal. With an experienced team we ensure that the filming is professional, creative and enjoyable.

Post-production – Post-production involves editing all footage. Once a first edit has been completed we will share this with stakeholders and review. Any changes will be incorporated into a second and if necessary subsequent edits and then a final edit is produced. This final edit will then be delivered as a DVD or to a suitable online platform that can be accessed by staff.