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To provide a series of workshops for Camden NHS frontline staff. To help them with their everyday interactions to support patients and meet their requirements as well as providing them with the skills to handle difficult encounters. 


A series of 26 half-day workshops were provided for Camden staff. These were a combination of face-to-face and telephone workshops. Trainer led with actors playing out scripted forum theatre scenarios, we looked at some of the typical everyday situations staff had to face. The greatest challenge was how to deal with people who became aggressive and unreasonable. We played out a number of typical difficult encounters, and then provided participants with easy to apply tools and techniques to diffuse the situation and bring it under control. By using the actors we demonstrate good practice and then provide the participants with the opportunity to deliver it themselves. Each participant was given the opportunity to work on a situation they had previously encountered. A wide range of customer facing interactions were explored. 


Participants were provided with new skills and a greater awareness on how to handle customer facing interactions. By giving them the opportunity to deal with difficult encounters participants left with a greater confidence to be able to handle similar encounters in the future. 

"Excellent training, great acting. Activation had a very good understanding of how we are perceived' front of house'. I look forward to putting what I've learnt into practice". Course participant, Customer service workshop