I wanted to confirm that I got the promotion I was aspiring to. I believe that the session with you was extremely useful to achieve this. So, thank you again and I would like a couple of my guys to have similar sessions with you.
— MD Global Bank


We provide coaching to help individuals improve their impact and presence within an organisation. 

Participants leave with a greater understanding of what their own personal impact is and how to use it. Using tools and techniques drawn from the performing arts participants learn how to increase their confidence and effectiveness in the workplace. 
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Content includes:

  • Body Language and Voice
  • How we leak nerves and how to control them
  • Owning the space as opposed to renting it
  • Finding performance energy
  • The 'nuts and bolts' of confidence
  • Using 'intention' to make us more effective communicators
  • Using Status
  • Finding our authentic voice
I have learnt a lot from our sessions and have started using your teachings with visible results. Thanks again.
— Director, European Patent Office