A Patient Experience programme for CAMDEN to enable staff to improve their relationships with customers.


"Hillingdon CCG has had the pleasure of working with Activation Business Theatre on a number of occasions.  They have provided customer care training to all our GP practice reception staff in a dynamic and interactive way. Their enacting of scenes in the practice waiting room ring true with staff and patients alike and really challenge receptionists to look at themselves and others in a fresh, new light.  Excellent techniques to take away, thought provoking to change behaviours and lots of fun." Annette Alcock, Primary Care Workforce Lead, NHS Hillingdon CCG.

Camden CCG Stephenson House NW 1:   March 2nd, 7th, 9th, May 2nd, 9th, 23rd.
Highgate Road Chapel NW5:                      March 14th & 21st. April 25th. May 16th.
Pax Lodge NW3:                                           March 16th & 30th.  April 20th.                                                                                                                                        


  • To enjoy our communications more
  • To get the best out of ourselves and others
  • To be valued by others for being good in our communications


  • Structured, interactive and engaging. Minimum chalk & talk.
  • A variety of approaches to promote involvement from all staff, as well as the opportunity for staff to share experience and perspectives.
  • Various activities will allow for a range of individual contributions from all participants.

Trainer led with actors playing out scripted forum theatre scenarios as directed by the audience and drawing out from the audience their own experience and behaviours.

The session will focus on:

Empathy:             Putting ourselves in our customer’s shoes
Attitude:              The importance of adopting a positive attitude
Ownership:         Taking responsibility
Action:                 Getting the job done

Activities will include testing and broadening the participants’ understanding of customer care and handling difficult customer situations. We will look at:

  • Personal impact - status
  • Language
  • Flexing style
  • Managing conflict
  • Questions and listening
  • Difficult conversations – skills practice  


  1. An understanding of what makes for good customer care
  2. Knowing how you communicate now – what works and doesn’t work
  3. Doing more of what works – especially the stuff that’s uniquely you!
  4. Equipped with tools to start changing what doesn’t work
  5. How to handle a difficult customer or situation
  6. Improved questioning and listening skills.